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Fresh Perspectives
Personal Coaching


You want to take a fresh look at your personal or professional life?

You have that fuzzy feeling that it is time to make a change?

You have specific aspects in your life (as parent, as partner or whatever else) you want to address or discuss?

We create individual coaching plans for you to help you start moving.

By combining various coaching methodologies, we find the right approach for you and help you map out the road ahead.


As employer, you want your teams to be as healthy and happy as possible. And of course, you offer them a company fitness programme. But have you thought about the impact of mental health on your people's performance and productivity?


At Fresh Perspectives, we strongly believe in a holistic view on health and well-being. Both mental and physical health profoundly impact your team members’ ability to succeed in their careers.

As a result, organisational health management has to take a more holistic approach.

We offer organisational coaching programmes which accompany employees in their personal growth and development, forming an addition to your company's usual health and fitness programme.

Our coaching plans are individually developed for each team member and can be fully embedded into your organisational development structures.

Organistional Business Coaching


You've set up your own business or start-up and are going strong? Fantastic!

You have moments when you need to re-check your direction, discuss your strategies and plans with an experienced outsider?

You sometimes feel like simply rolling over and giving up? 

We've all been there!


Let us be your cheerleader, fact-checker, accountability partner, butt-kicker and rock'n'roller - all in one!

Female Founders Coaching


Our Mamamoon Retreats empower you as moms-to-be and dads-to-be!

Allow yourself and your partner to retreat into yourselves for a moment, and focus on you, your baby, your partnership, and your future life as parents. 

​During our retreats, we give you all the right tools for your journey from belly to baby. To do that, we combine Prenatal Yoga, Hypnobirthing and Parental Coaching into an intense programme of reflection and preparation for parents-to-be.

But most of all, we want you to be excited about meeting your baby, feeling ultimately confident and comfortable with your choices for pregnancy, birth, and post-partum, and believing in your powers and abilities as future parents.



Fresh Perspectives supports and accompanies you in getting a fresh perspective on life and business.

We're convinced that girls and women across the globe will make the impact this world needs - if we empower them to understand and believe in their own possibilities, strength and talents. 

By creating and developing individual coaching approaches, Fresh Perspectives helps girls and women to create clear visions for themselves and formulate action plans for the changes they wanna make and the transitions they're going through. 

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