I'm Nina, founder of Fresh Perspectives and strong believer in the superpower and unique skills and talent of each one of us.
I have been working as mentor and coach ever since I started to lead teams, in corporate, scale-up and start-up environments. The joy of bringing new perspectives to and creating moments of break-throughs for my coachees, is what I drives me forward. 

Girls and women bring a unique vision and perspectives to this world that needs to be given a voice and raise. And I am here to empower you - with whatever you need. 

I'm your personal #cheerleader, #fact-checker, #accountability partner, #butt-kicker and #rock'n'roller - all in one!


In a coaching with me, we'll combine elements from systemic coaching, solution-based coaching and transformative coaching into individually developed coaching plans to reach your goals.

Coachings usually take place online, depending on the location and preference of the coachee.